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Chat Rules

You must be 18+ to chat in our rooms



  • DO NOT annoy anyone in the room.
  • DO NOT Use capital letters in the room, this is equivalent to shouting.
  • DO NOT Scroll the chat room with blank lines of text.
  • DO NOT Use offensive words, C*** word will get you an immediate ban.
  • DO NOT Put your email on the main chat screen or put web site addresses or url’s on the main room, this room is not an email exchange.
  • DO NOT Spam, It results in immediate ban.


  • DO you may exchange personal details in private, but this is at your own risk.
  • DO Talk in private, once you have asked someone permission.
  • DO Take Notice of Admin and Hosts, failure to do so will result in removal from the room
  • DO Come in have a laugh and have fun that’s the whole reason being here to have FUN.

Attention: For your own safety do not give out any personal information on the chat room to anyone especially if you don’t know this person, this includes email addresses phone numbers. Anyone found giving them out will be removed from the chat room for their own protection.